Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster

  • Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer / Roaster cooks with high radiant heat for a turkey that's crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside
  • Cooks turkeys up to 18 pounds in as little as 10 minutes of cooking time per pound of turkey; for outdoor use only
  • Adjustable temperature control dial with thermostat provides even consistent cooking and prevents overheating
  • Double-wall construction; removable drip pan; wood chip tray for smoking
  • Measures approximately 18 by 23 1/5 by 26 1/5 inches;90 day limited warranty; DO NOT USE OIL WITH THIS UNIT
Butterball free oil fryer / roaster is one of the best performance, turkey fryer most comfortable we have ever invented. A healthier alternative and more convenient for frying in oil, provides the electricity in Turkey Fryer and roaster operation easy and delicious results, they meet the family for Thanksgiving dinner, the pot Lucking with your friends and neighbors or simply a variety of meals to freeze later.

Listprice :$ 149.95

Da Brat

a turkey is not always easy, it is good to know that a small fryer available to both the risks and the preparation time for a party. The Butterball Turkey Fryer infomercial makes all types of claims, and believe it or not, they are true!

If you have an indoor turkey fryer so it is your biggest challenge. You do not need to stay out in the cold for the whole of November to try to fry your Thanksgiving meal. You must also not for cooking in your kitchen try the normal way that increases the risk of fire.

The main factor of this particular unit is that it is completely fail-safe. It has features like an adjustable thermostat, drain valve and an electric timer. It is possible that the temperature to control the burn your turkey. You can control the weather. The drain valve to get rid of extra oil to create the clean less complicated for you.

Another security measure is the power cord. It is a magnetic plug, the device automatically turns "off" when a voltage on the line. Like many other kitchen appliances such fail-safe functions have?

This is more than just a deep fryer to cook the turkey. Butterball Turkey Fryer There are recipes for a variety of foods such as fish and chips, fried chicken, sauteed vegetables, onion rings, etc. This means that you get a much more if it than just Thanksgiving dinner! Impress your family and friends of all kinds of delicious pan.

The food, it is possible to cook, be healthy, because the device was developed oil 1 / 3 less than other fryers use. This means no trans fats! Needless to say, if you have a sweet tooth, you can make some desserts! A recipe fryer inside, grab a chocolate bar, freeze, then dip it into a paste simple. Keep the thermostat low and cook the treats for a few minutes. If it comes, it will be extra sticky!

There is a limit on how much you will be able, in the fryer at a time. It is possible to fry a turkey just as much under 15 pounds of weight. While more than 14 pounds must be separated and roasted separately. Fortunately this is fairly easy to do. Just fry the pieces separate lower leg and upper breast.

It is possible to keep an eye on your food through the window and a hinged cover. If you are concerned about the smell, you'll be glad to know there is a built-in air filter of the smell.

Significantly helps you find tons more if any of these appliances in your kitchen! If the Butterball Fryer infomercial is not impressive enough for you, read all the customer feedback and written reports on the product!

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